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Boat Storage
email to reserve a boat stall.  We'll pull your boat out at Big Lake (or other nearby lakes) in the fall and winterize your engine for one inclusive price.


Haggard Boat Storage and Repair

Boat Storage Available
We provide covered boat stalls at $500 per year (12 months).  Store your boat or RV in the winter and your snowmachines and trailers in the summer.  (Click on the pictures to get a better look.)

See new boat Lexan surrounds by Haggard Boat Works:

FOR SALE - 1976 Silverline Comoro 4-cylinder Mercury inboard-outboard. Excellent Condition with Easy Load Trailer, $3,700. Contact Haggard Storage or Rich and Glenda Blaylock 907-563-1981 home, 907-244-4700 cell.  (photos below)

The best reason to get your boat glassed-in 10/31/09:

Larry Taylor narrating his trip across Big Lake in a glassed-in pontoon boat.


Dale Haggard invites you to "Visit our Lexan Boat Surrounds page."

Dale and Carolyn Haggard Call 907-892-7797 
or 907-232-7411

Haggard Boat Storage
and Repair
14949 Big Lake Lodge Road
Wasilla, AK 99623


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