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- The Veech Craft -

The Veech roof,  strong enough to support a party.

Inside support detail (while wiring for surround sound)

Kelli Veech,  "Just pulling when I'm told to!"

Sean showing off ladder detail.

Haggard Boat Storage and Repair

Cruise in comfort. Enjoy the visibility of a Lexan boat cabin. 
Have the glasswork you've always wanted done this winter.

Dale Haggard has installed Lexan enclosures at Big Lake for over 18 years.  He, Carolyn, and son Dave have designed tops and surrounds on many makes and models of pontoon boat.  Customized to your preferences.  We will pick up your boat and return it when we're done.

- A new Lexan surround, from our shop to your dock -

There's room in the shop to work on two boats at once.

New Lexan is protected until it is in place to maintain its polished finish.

This new design has rear facing fishing chairs.

A clear Lexan roof extends over the fishing chairs.

The Haggard Fisherman, ready for the water.


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Dale and Carolyn Haggard
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Haggard Boat Storage and Repair
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- Open air with a closed Pilot's Cabin -

Glassed in comfort and sunbathing to boot!

A comfortable sight seeing boat for your guests.

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